Balance  Bottle
Balance  Bottle
Balance  Bottle
Balance  Bottle
Balance  Bottle

Balance Bottle

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Introducing the patent pending Balance Bottle, which combines two essential  products for your yoga practice, your block and your water.
No more knocking over loud water bottles during class!  No more wondering who used this block before you. It's time to bring your own.
The Balance Bottle feels and works just like a regular foam yoga block and works in tandem with other 4 inch blocks.
Teachers will love you because your mat space will be tidy and they'll have less obstacles to navigate as they cruise the room.
The Balance Bottle can be used as a weighted block when filled with water.  That's right, Navasana and all of her core building friends! Use it as a 1lb weight to further challenge yourself in your practice.
The Balance Bottle includes a 4 inch EVA foam block and a removable 12oz double wall insulated stainless steel water bottle.
The water bottle stays in the block during practice, just twist off the foam top to take a sip and then continue your practice. The bottle is easily removed for cleaning, filling and use throughout the day. The stainless steel water bottle is the perfect size to throw in your bag, so even on the days you're not heading to yoga, you'll enjoy it. Check out the video below to see the magic.


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